is a listening environment animated by the sonic happenings collectively produced by way of origami folding. It establishes a verbally silent social space which allows both participants and audiences to develop deeper sonic awareness through durational active listening.

This two-day event consists from a durational collective live performance and a multi-channel installation environment.

In the live performance, a number of performers collectively engage in this meditative practice, together folding a thousand origami cranes (shenbazuru). The performance merges acoustic sounds with a live four-channel electronic composition of the paper folding. This spatial composition mirrors the visceral nature of the practice and enriches the sonic space with respect to the fragility of the acoustic sonic elements. It evolves slowly, almost static, swelling and contracting, slowing down and speeding up, almost silent and penetrating. Something, everything or nothing can happen.

The installation features a four-channel composition of paper folding and the thousand origami paper cranes arranged within the gallery space. Comfortable seating invites visitors to inhabit, listen and contemplate, and to learn and practice the art of the origami crane folding.

You can listen to an excerpt of the composition here: